Armenian appointed to Lebanon government central council after 10 years

The Armenian community of Lebanon has a State Shura Council General Inspector in the country’s government, and after ten years. Houri Der Sarkissian, 43, has been appointed to this position, after a long effort.

Der Sarkissian told Armenian that after graduating from Armenian school, she studied at the French University where she got a degree in law, and she became an attorney.

“But I have never worked as a lawyer,” Der Sarkissian noted. “I was adviser to the four Armenian ministers of Lebanon. Subsequently, I took the government exams and became first-class government official and was appointed General Inspector of the State Shura Council. An Armenian used to hold this position, but after his death, Armenians were not appointed [to this office] for already ten years. After the Armenian community’s [respective] endeavor, I became General Inspector.”

The State Shura Council oversees the staff of all ministries in Lebanon, so that no one would take unlawful steps.

Houri Der Sarkissian added that she keeps in touch with the Lebanese Armenian community and participates in all national events.

About 140 to 165 thousand Armenians live in Lebanon, but there are solely a few Armenian officials in the Lebanese government. The latter currently has two Armenian ministers: Minister of Tourism Avedis Guidanian, and Minister of Women Affairs Jean Oghassabian.