27.04.2017 – Declaration in the memory of martyrs of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people during 1894-1923

Taking into consideration that

a) The present international political order, which reigned after 2nd world war, is in impasse now. The formation of a new international political order became an urgent requirement for some influential powers who seek peace and stability of the globe. This should be based on the prevalence of international law, mutual intergovernmental respect and principles of equal rights of nations.

b) The political and military developments happening during the last two decades within the vital territory of Near East and especially territories populated by Armenians and other ethnic and religious components, where they all exist and shall continue to exist. Those developments, day after day, expose Armenians and other people to serious human, national and cultural threats, without essential self-defense chances.

c) The occupied territories including the seven provinces of Western Armenia and Cilicia, nowadays are the place of recruitment, preparation, training and deployment for terroristic groups who commit the21st century’s most barbaric and cruel crimes against humanity, under the surveillance of the same bloodthirsty and barbarous criminals, who have committed the same crimes a century ago through genocide and forcible deportation of the Armenian and other indigenous nations.

Taking into consideration as well that

d) All the international documents recognizing the independence and statehood of Western Armenia, especially:

  • The Declaration of France about the independence of Cilicia;
  • Decree of Russia about the independence of Western (Turkish) Armenia;
  • Decisions of Versailles and San Remo conferences about the international (De-facto and De-jure) recognitions of the Armenian state;
  • The Peace Treaty of Sèvres, and Arbitral Award of USA president W. Wilson about the borders between Western Armenia and Turkey;
  • Declaration of UNO about the human rights;
  • Declaration of UNO about the rights of indigenous peoples.

e) All the declarations and decisions referring to foundation of the National Council of Western Armenia, creation of the State institutions, defense of the rights of people of Western Armenia, as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia.

The Republic of Western Armenia declares and confirmes the below stated principles.

1. The territories including the 7 provinces of Western Armenia and Cilicia are under forcible occupation by Turkey and are subject to liberation through means of the international law.

2. The Republic of Western Armenia, through all the possibilities and obligations given by sovereignty, will put into action all the means of the international law, for the total liberation of all above mentioned occupied territories of Western Armenia and Cilicia.

3. The state institutions of Western Armenia are ready to undertake all the territorial and statehood responsibilities before both, the International society and the people of Western Armenian, including all the other ethnic and religious communities and minorities living within its territories.

This Declaration shall be passed to the awareness of worldwide spread Armenian people, and those living in occupied Western Armenia and Cilicia including the different ethnic and religious communities and minorities, as well as to the awareness of the international society, to be regarded as the decisive base for our upcoming steps and political activities.

Government of the Republic of Western Armenia