Gevorg Danielyan: Culture, science, education, language, spiritual heritage are under state protection

After the constitutional amendments of 2015, at least five values, such as culture, science, education, the Armenian language and spiritual heritage, are protected by the state. No norms that contradict these values can be adopted by laws or other normative acts, as they will contradict the Constitution, said a former member of the Supreme Judicial Council, Armenian ex-minister of justice Gevorg Danielyan.

According to him, the protection of spiritual values, according to the Constitution, is carried out not only by the state, but also by the Armenian Apostolic Church, which has a special status.

Danielyan believes that the Istanbul Convention is also in conflict with the Armenian Constitution.

According to him, when we give certain privileges to certain associations or families, we discriminate against them, in addition, this also contradicts the Constitution, since only mothers and children have a privileged status in society.

“According to international statistics, children in homosexual families are more susceptible to inferior development than others. Apparently, this is the reason that many countries, including economically developed ones, such as Italy, refuse this institution, recognizing it as unconstitutional,” he noted adding that any blind copying of international norms and institutions is always fraught with consequences.