Congratulatory message of the International women’s association of hamshen armenians «AMSHENKA» to the President of the Republic of Abkhazia

Mr. Khajimba Raul Dzhumkovich,

President of the Republic of Abkhazia


Dear Raul Dzhumkovich!

 On behalf of the International women’s Association of Hamshen Armenians «AMSHENKA» and from myself personally I congratulate You on your reelection as head of state.

For a quarter of a century of independence Abkhazia has proved its viability and self-sufficiency in all areas of vital activity of the legal and democratic state. During this time, it has achieved impressive progress in the areas of state-building and security.

At the cost of the lives of their sons and daughters, losses and hardships, the people of Abkhazia received the right to control their destiny. They were able to prove the will to freedom and assert their inalienable right to national dignity, a better future, and most importantly – the Independence of their country.

Amshen Armenians, being a part of multinational people of Abkhazia, consider this blessed country of Soul – Apsny as their Homeland!

The good created by the Abkhazian people will never be erased from our memory. We are always ready to repay with the same things that we have more than once proved by deed: by fighting and defending its independence in wartime, and in peace by constructive work for the good of the country, and there are no other examples in the history of our people. I am sure that in the person of Hamshen Armenians, the Abkhaz people have found hardworking and loyal citizens of the country.

Mr. President!

On behalf of all Armenian diasporas of the world, I thank You for supporting Armenian schools and cultural centers, despite the difficult economic situation in the country. I hope that these centers of education and culture of the Armenian people on the ancient land of Abkhazia will never go out.

I hope that the de facto independence of Abkhazia will soon receive broad international legal recognition, as the Republic fully complies with the basic principles of the international law that is enshrined in the fundamental documents and legal acts of the UN and the OSCE – the right of Nations to self-determination and the formation of new sovereign States.

I am sure that Your great and fruitful activity as the President will continue to contribute to the successful solution of important tasks to ensure the social and economic development of the Republic, the further development of the achieved rights and freedoms of citizens of Abkhazia, and the strengthening of fraternal relations between the Abkhazian and Armenian peoples.

I wish the multinational people of Abkhazia a peaceful sky over their heads, well-being and prosperity!

I sincerely wish you, dear Raul Dzhumkovich, new successes in the implementation of all Your good plans and undertakings in the state activity, inexhaustible energy as well as good health and prosperity.

Saida Oganyan,

The head of the International women’s association of hamshen armenians «AMSHENKA»

Member of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia

 September 12, 2019